01/19 05:00 [UTC]

Gold Harvest Quest Now Open!
Gold Harvest Quest Now Open!

From powering up Aliens to buying new
Starships, one thing every Saucer needs
is a lot of Gold.
So to help you get your hands on some
extra funds, the Gold Harvest Quest is
now open for play!
We'll also be sending RevEx, our AP
recovery item, to all players during the
period below!

The Gold Harvest Quest will be available
to play during the period below.
Clearing the Gold Harvest Quest will
earn you a great deal more Gold than
any other regular Quest.
Plus, all players who login during the
same period will receive RevEx x5 in
their Gift Box.

【Event Period】
19th January 5:00 ~ 26th January 23:59 UTC

Don't miss this chance to hit the
Saucer jackpot!

We hope that you continue to enjoy
playing Cosmic Eggs.


01/18 05:00 [UTC]

Welcome to Cosmic Eggs!
Welcome to Cosmic Eggs!

As a great big thank you to all of you for
joining us on this new galactic adventure,
we are sending 500 Meteors to all players
old and new!
Meteors have been sent to your Gift Box,
so accept them and head on over to the
Gacha to beef up your team!

・This campaign applies to all Cosmic Eggs players.
・The closing date for this campaign will be
announced at some point in the future.

We hope that you continue to enjoy
playing Cosmic Eggs.


01/18 04:00 [UTC]

Notice Regarding Version 1.0.3
Notice Regarding Version 1.0.3

Thank you for playing Cosmic Eggs.
We would like to ask all players to update
to the recently released app version 1.0.3
as soon as possible. Please head to the
store and perform the update by
January 23rd 12:00 UTC.

From January 23rd 12:00 UTC, this
update will be made compulsory.
However, due to a preexisting error
with current versions, the link displayed
when opening the game after this date
will not correctly direct to the
Cosmic Eggs store page.
Therefore, we once again ask all players
to please manually perform this update
as soon as possible to ensure your
continued play.
We sincerely apologize for any
inconvenience caused and hope
you continue to enjoy playing
Cosmic Eggs.


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I wanna meet a cutie-pie!
        Get the bacteria and save the world.
        You filthy bacteria! You'll never get away! Robot Dash!
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