09/05 05:00 [UTC]

Daily Collection Quests Announcement!
Daily Collection Quests!

Starting today, Daily Collection Quests can be played any time.
Daily Quests and Ticket Quests can even be played for 1/2 AP,
so you can raise your Aliens even faster!

Now get out there and fight those battles, Captain!


03/16 09:00 [UTC]

Regarding Currently Known Errors (Update: 3/16 9:00 UTC)
By way of compensation for recent errors, the following will be sent to all players.

【Error Compensation】
Meteors x 100

We once again apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you continue to enjoy playing Cosmic Eggs.

Original: 3/15 3:30 UTC
The Meteor purchase error has now been corrected and Meteors can now be purchased without issue.

We sincerely apoogize for the inconveneince caused.
Details of compensation items will follow shortly.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Cosmic Eggs.

Original: 3/12 2:00 UTC
Thank you for playing Cosmic Eggs.
The following error is currently known to be affecting players.

[Error Details]
Meteor purchases are not working correctly.

The above error is currently under investigation.
Please understand that fixing the error may require a period of unannounced emergency maintenance.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and hope you continue to enjoy playing Cosmic Eggs.


02/20 06:00 [UTC]

Challenge Battle Now Open!
2/20 6:00 UTC

Challenge Battle Now Open!
Take part in random match-ups with other players' parties and battle!
Win more matches to get your hands on even better prizes!

The more victories you claim in Challenge Battle, the more prizes you can earn!
You may also win the right to participate in special battles in the future.

Don't miss this chance for your Aliens to become number one in the galaxy!

※You can check the prize information from the Event Quest screen.


♪Might I shroom? Mighty mushroom~
I wanna meet a cutie-pie!
        Get the bacteria and save the world.
        You filthy bacteria! You'll never get away! Robot Dash!
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        Let me show you what I can do.
        omg lol this is just too much hahaha